CMH Programs

Signature Trip

Classic Heliskiing Program with 3 o 4 groups. 

11 clients + 1 guide per group

Powder Intro/Masters

For clients who are looking for a different alternative to the classic programs.

1 group of 10 clients with 2 guides.

Small Group

Heliskiing Programs with small groups.

Groups of 4 clients + 1 guide or 3 groups of 5 clients + 1 guide, depending on the lodge.

Steep Shots & Pillow Drops

Aimed at clients looking for the most challenging terrain at Kootenay lodge.

1 group of 10 clients + 1 guide.

Private & Exclusive

Different types of exclusive groups with the possibility of a lodge and private helicopter.

Fusion Heli-Ski Touring

Ski Touring group with helicopter support shared with other Signature groups. Subject to end of season in certain weeks and lodges.

1 group of 10 clients + 1 guide.

Family Trip

Special programs for families, where children from 12 years of age can go. Organised in groups of 10 clients + 2 guides (3 family trip groups + 1 helicopter powder intro family trip group).